Opinion: Blood Father

Blood Father was directed by the Frenchman  Jean-François Richet and stars Mel Gibson as our protagonist and Erin Moriarty as his daughter who’s being hunted by some drug dealers.


This film was to my amazement pretty good. The story is mv5bmteymza0nju1njreqtjeqwpwz15bbwu4mdawoti2mzkx-_v1_sy1000_cr006481000_al_straightforward and not overly complex like the normal B-action flick that comes out in the summer. But that doesn’t mean everything is superficial; the characters were rounded and had their depth to a certain extent. The acting of Mel Gibson was superb, one of the best performances he’s given in recent years. His counterpart, Erin Moriarty, was lesser good, but still pretty good. Diego Luna also makes an appearance and was good at what the film asked of him. Last year he showed that he could play diverse roles by playing both in this film and in Rogue One.
I liked the father-daughter relationship between Mel Gibson and Erin Moriarty. They were both very amusing to watch. Their on-screen chemistry was excellent and so was their banter. Their characters were very good and both were able to indulge in them.
The directing was just ok, the film was mostly saved by the performances, which is also the main reason why you should watch this film. The direction of the chase sequences and of the normal dialogue scenes was good but other than that the camera could get pretty shaky. The directing style just wasn’t really my cup of tea, but nonetheless, it still was ok. The editing was good as well. The pacing I found to be very good, slow when it needed to be slow and fast when it needed to be fast.

Blood Father was a fairly well-made film and that’s why this one is getting a B+ from me.

This was my first article in “Opinion”, so if you liked this or found this interesting and would like to read more articles like this in the future comment down below.


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