Opinion: Don’t Breathe (2016)

Don't Breathe is about three kids breaking into a blind man’s house and was directed by Fede Alvarezand. The film had an original premise, so when the film got good reviews I was really excited to see this film, but only last week I got the chance to, so here's my opinion on the film. Let me start … Continue reading Opinion: Don’t Breathe (2016)


The Badness of “Passengers”

SPOILERS FOR PASSENGERS Passengers, directed by Morten Tyldum, the same man behind 2014’s The Imitation Game, is a love story set in space. This film got a lot of hype leading up to the release. I found it quite weird that the film got as much hype as it got, because to me it didn’t … Continue reading The Badness of “Passengers”

Opinion: trailer “Baby Driver”

I’ve been a fan of Edgar Wright’s films, so naturally I was pretty excited for this film to drop its trailer, which it recently did. The trailer of Baby Driver is edited quite well. I like that they show us what the story will be like in rough lines and that they also show the … Continue reading Opinion: trailer “Baby Driver”

Why camera perspectives are important to film

POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR "DJANGO UNCHAINED" Camera perspectives can tell a lot, often these things are more obvious than the camera movements are trying to tell. But those are only the point of view, there are also perspectives. This might seem the same just vocabulary wise, but in practice it is not. You have three sorts … Continue reading Why camera perspectives are important to film

Opinion: Trainspotting 2

T2: Trainspotting or simply Trainspotting 2¸ is the sequel to the 1996 critically acclaimed drug-drama Trainspotting, in which Mark Renton, played by Ewan McGregor, goes back to Scotland to revisit his old friends. Not only Renton went back, so did Danny Boyle go back to his directing chair. Boyle’s directing was also the height if … Continue reading Opinion: Trainspotting 2

Movie History! D.W. Griffith: a controversial director

Just like Charlie Chaplin D.W. Griffith too was inspired by Georges Méliès. D.W. Griffith, short for David Lewelyn Wark Griffith, was born a son of a southern, confederate colonel of the civil war in 1875 and lost his father at the age of 10. His father’s background also showed in Griffith’s most controversial film called … Continue reading Movie History! D.W. Griffith: a controversial director

The Brilliance of “Manchester by the Sea”

SPOILERS FOR MANCHESTER BT THE SEA Manchester by the Sea has won one of the most deserved Oscars this year, for both the screenplay, but most of all for Casey Affleck’s performance as Lee Chandler. In that film, he plays a janitor, whose brother has passed away and now he gets to be the guardian … Continue reading The Brilliance of “Manchester by the Sea”

Opinion: Mel Gibson Rumored to Direct “Suicide Squad 2”

Mel Gibson is rumored to direct the sequel to the not-so-well-received film Suicide Squad. There were two sides on that film: those who hated it, and those who loved it. I must admit that I’m in the first group. The film had a lot of flaws from the editing, to the visuals, to the story, … Continue reading Opinion: Mel Gibson Rumored to Direct “Suicide Squad 2”