Opinion: Mel Gibson Rumored to Direct “Suicide Squad 2”

Mel Gibson is rumored to direct the sequel to the not-so-well-received film Suicide Squad. There were two sides on that film: those who hated it, and those who loved it. I must admit that I’m on the first group. The film had a lot of flaws from the editing, to the visuals, to the story, so on and so forth. So with Mel Gibson in talks to direct the sequel, I immediately had made up an opinion about it.

I’ll say right of the bat that I think that this is not a good idea. 12489243_1674589672821667_4430624289856009994_oDon’t get me wrong, I love Mel Gibson as a director and he has proven that throughout all of his films which he directed. Last year he even got nominated for his work on the war drama Hacksaw Ridge, in which he masterfully depicted the true horrors of war, by the use of graphic violence. Note that last part: graphic violence. That’s reason one why I think Mel Gibson should not be directing the sequel. Warner Brothers and DC comics wouldn’t allow Mel to be making such a violent film, but that’s part of Gibson’s style. A Gibson film without violence is like a strawberry cake without the strawberries: tasteless. Well, not that Mel’s films only consist out of violence, of course. He can also create very good-looking shots etc. But Mel likes to show the hard reality of war and life and he does this masterfully by using graphic scenes, so imagine a cut down version of let’s say Hacksaw Ridge, to make it PG-13. Doesn’t feel as powerful does it?

You could say that he could make the DC-cinematic universe better, because the previous films all had quite some backlash from the critics. With that standpoint I can agree to a certain extent, but not fully, because I had the same mind-set when they hired David Ayer to do the first Suicide Squad; I liked all of his work before that film, so what were the chances he’d make a bad film? Apparently pretty high, but that wasn’t really his fault. It was partially, but not fully. A lot of the blame can go to the studios, because they changed the film quite a lot before the release date and also demanded re-shoots, to make the film more “fun” – if I remember correctly. And that also brings me to my second reason why Mel Gibson won’t direct Suicide Squad 2: because of the studio. I bet you that if he got hired, he’d sooner or later leave the film, because of creative differences, just because the studios wouldn’t let him do what he wanted to do with the film.

Now one reason why he would do the film is to make himself popular again, after the things he has publically said before. I think that he should do that by making more films like Hacksaw Ridge, or Braveheart, and not by making films in which he’ll probably be restricted to do things the studio wants him to do and in which he won’t reach his full creative potential.

Now, that’s just my opinion on the subject, what do you think about it? Do you think Mel Gibson is a good choice or do you rather have someone else behind the camera? Leave a comment of your opinion down below!

Source: http://nerdist.com/mel-gibson-suicide-squad-2/


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