Opinion: Don’t Breathe (2016)

Don’t Breathe is about three kids breaking into a blind man’s house and was directed by Fede Alvarezand. The film had an original premise, so when the film got good reviews I was really excited to see this film, but only last week I got the chance to, so here’s my opinion on the film.


Let me start this off by saying that this film isn’t perfect; it contains a lot of flaws, but each one isn’t groundbreaking. One reoccurring flaw is the blind man’s senses. They only really seemed to work when the plot needed them to. He could smell shoes standing meters away from him, but he can’t smell anyone next to him. There are multiple instances when something happens, just because it’s handy to the plot. Like the dog magically appearing inside the house even though the doors were locked, or like when Goosbumps Kid (Dylan Minnette) gets pushed out of the window, even though there were supposed to be bars in front of them… the list keeps on going, but these things were pretty much outweighed by the better aspects of the film, which mainly lays with the director of this film. He used some very good camera movements and created spectacular scenes with it, like the first scene when they enter the house. Some might say that this was similar to the scene in Panic Room (2002) the David Fincher about Jodi Foster and Kristen Stewart who hide in a panic room, because three people have broken into their home. Don’t Breathe mirrors Panic Room a fair bit. The main actress, Jane Levy, looks like Jodi Foster in that film and the character of Money is almost exactly like Jared Leto’s character and also looks like him to. They are paying a homage to that film, which is pretty clear, but they should’ve made it less obvious and less direct.

The director was really good at creating tension and also very good looking shots. This film is one of the better looking horror films in recent years. Green Room and It Follows were also really good looking films. The cinematography in this was outstanding. I also liked the scene in which they are in complete darkness. The camera then has this night vision filter over it, which was cool, but what I like the most about that scene was that it brought the main characters on the same level with the blind man. They no longer had the advantage of sight, now they were all equal.
The acting was good enough of the lead actors, but was fantastic of Stephen Lang. He was menacing and he was able to be his character, and not just play it.
What I also liked was that the movie plays with who you’re rooting for. In the beginning I wasn’t’ rooting for the three kids at all, because, well, they’re breaking into the house of a defenseless blind man. And still, even as we discover that this blind man isn’t as defenseless as he seemed to be in the beginning. But then around 75 percent into the film something happens, whereby the rooting side changed for me, and I really liked that.
The ending was a bit of a bummer though, I was expecting it to end a bit more dark, and not teasing for a sequel, because in my opinion this film doesn’t need one at all.

In the end Don’t Breathe was a good, enjoyable horror film, with some flaws, which aren’t really ground-breaking. The main premise was interesting and well executed, just the ending didn’t feel entirely right. The film stands fine on its own, so it doesn’t need a sequel. That’s why this film gets a B+. What did you think about Don’t Breathe? Be sure to comment down below!

Images via: IMDb and Rolling Stone

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    1. Thanks! I’m not a big fan of the genre as well, but when the cinematography looks good from the trailers and screenshots and the film has an interesting premise, I am ready to make an exception.

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