Opinion: “The Ticket” (2017)

A man regains his vision, after being blind. With this new sense, he feels better of himself, and practically evolves into an asshole for the rest of the film; he leaves his wife for a collegue, buys an expensive car... The film was directed by Ido Fluk in a visually fine way, but in other ways … Continue reading Opinion: “The Ticket” (2017)


Why Color Grading is important to film (warm and cold colors)

Color grading is the finishing touch to your shots, the thing that makes them look gorgeous if you’ve used framing, shadow and focus in the right way. But why is it so important to film? WARM AND COLD COLORS The color grading is mostly used to create a certain atmosphere for the film or show. … Continue reading Why Color Grading is important to film (warm and cold colors)

Opinion: Personal Shopper (2016)

Going into this film I had no real clue what it was going to be about. I heard some mixed reactions about it and I understand both the good and the bad things that they bring up, but before we get into that here’s a little synopsis: Kristen Stewart, a personal shopper for a famous, … Continue reading Opinion: Personal Shopper (2016)

Compare: Movie Posters Back Then and Now

Movie posters were there to persuade you into seeing a certain film, but nowadays they just seem to view them as an obligation, which is a real shame, because movie posters often can be seen as art. POSTERS BACK THEN Posters were there from the beginning of film. They were simple and were just there to … Continue reading Compare: Movie Posters Back Then and Now

Opinion: “Kong: Skull Island” (2017)

Kong: Skull Island is trying to set up a “giant monster universe” together with Godzilla (2014). In this film we quickly get introduced to a bunch of characters all at once who’ve gotten the mission to go to this newly found island, which turns out to be the house of the almighty Kong… Getting introduced … Continue reading Opinion: “Kong: Skull Island” (2017)

Movie History! Edwin S. Porter: an inventive director

Edwin S. Porter was also one of the most influential directors in the beginning of film, and will also be the last director that I’ll discuss before going over in the area where movies got sound. Edwin S. Porter was born April 21st 1870, and is most famous for his works in Thomas Edison’s film … Continue reading Movie History! Edwin S. Porter: an inventive director

Opinion: Logan (2017)

In this year’s superhero drama “Logan”, we get to meet our beloved x-men hero Wolverine, but this time as a more depressed and damaged man than before. He is given the task to bring Laura, a mutant, to some place. I have to say that I’m more a DC fan than a Marvel fan, but … Continue reading Opinion: Logan (2017)

Why clichés are important to film (when used right)

Before you shoot me for saying this, please read this article so you can understand my reasoning behind it. And I know that I've written in The Badness of "Passengers" that there's an overuse of clichés and that that's where the badness of that movie lies. But, notice the word overuse. Movies are bound to have clichés these days, … Continue reading Why clichés are important to film (when used right)