Opinion: Logan (2017)

In this year’s superhero drama “Logan”, we get to meet our beloved x-men hero Wolverine, but this time as a more depressed and damaged man than before. He is given the task to bring Laura, a mutant, to some place.

I have to say that I’m more a DC fan than a Marvel fan, but only on the aspect of comics. In the movie department Marvel’s been doing better. Well, quite a lot better for numerous reasons, but that’s not what this Opinion is about.  I’ve recently seen the critically acclaimed film “Logan”, I firstly had my doubts with it being as good as they saymv5bmtuwnju5njgxof5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdm5njy5mdi-_v1_ it is, but after having seen it, I can totally agree. In my opinion this is one of the best Marvel films to date. The action sequences were beautifully captured by James Mangold, who also was able to create good looking shots throughout the whole movie, utilizing focus, color and shadow very well. But Mangold did just okay in the character progression scenes. There he could’ve been more creative to keep those scenes interesting, but at times this wasn’t really the case. I’m not saying that the characters were bad, not at all. They were well developed throughout the whole film and even from the start, the opening scene, the character of Logan was put down. From that scene alone we could know what atmosphere was what the movie was going for; a dark take on the character. And they completely succeeded at that part. Not only Logan’s character was well developed so was Laura or X-23’s and Charles’.
The acting was without a doubt the best part of the film. Hugh Jackman could play the role of Wolverine with his eyes closed by now, but in this film he was given a bigger challenge, because this version has been through a lot of shit, but of course Hugh Jackman was able to nail the part. He really showed how great of an actor he is in this film. His counterpart Dafne Keen was surprisingly good. I was kind of skeptical with her being one of the leads of this film, because she’s an unheard of child actress, and a lot of the time these child actors can’t act, which wasn’t the case at all with Dafne. She was really good at showing suppressed anger and fear, without speaking, because she only says her first couple of words after around two thirds of the film has already gone by.  So props to her! She was a true badass and I’d love to see her continue the legacy as Wolverine, and not that they recast someone else to play that character.

Dafne Keen and Hugh Jackman in “Logan” – 2017

The action scenes were brutal and really entertaining to watch. I also liked the fact that they went for an R-rating, and that they didn’t do it to just be an R-rated movie and build on the success of another R-rated Marvel film Deadpool. They did it for style purposes; to also help create the atmosphere the film is going for, and it definitely worked out great. By having these brutal action scenes they put down the realistic, down to earth dark theme the film wants to have.
James Mangold created this western feel to the movie which was to be expected, having a Johnny Cash song playing over the trailer and also the fact that Mangold had directed the remake of 3:10 to Yuma, which came out in 2007. I liked the western feel of the film and it fitted in pretty well with the overall theme of it as well.
The pacing of the film was really good throughout but in the second act the film slows down quite a bit, to develop its characters a bit more, which I really like, but at times this could create some uninteresting parts.


Logan is definitely worth watching, if you haven’t seen it by now – I know I am a bit late to the party as well. The action scenes were handled very well and the characters were all pretty interesting. That’s why this film gets an A-.

images via: IMDb


2 thoughts on “Opinion: Logan (2017)

  1. Great review!
    I think Dafne Keen did really well, and I hope to see her take over the mantle rather than replace Jackman. No one should touch the Wolverine role for at least decade out of respect to the legacy Jackman has built for it.

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