Opinion: David Fincher directing “World War Z 2”

No no no no no. Please no. Please change your mind, David.

So about a week or two ago they announced that David Fincher, the director who has a ton of amazing films under his belt, like Fight Club, Seven, Gone Girl… is going to direct the upcoming sequel to the mildly ok film that was supposed to be an adaptation of a book under the same title, which turned out to be something completely different, called World War Z. Fincher’s list of good films goes on forever, with just a few exceptions, but those films *cough* Alien3 *cough* had some studio interference, whereby the creative genius David Fincher is, could not shine. And that’s also the problem with this quite old news announcement. Since this is such a big blockbuster film it’ll be likely that there are going to be a lot of studio interferences and if we look back on the history of World War Z, we can see that that was already the case. The first film in a soon to be series went through production hell and had multiple re-shoots, re-writes and I even believe there were multiple directors on board at first. In the end the film got some OK reviews, but fans of the book weren’t too fond of the final result. mv5bmtq1ntcwndqwm15bml5banbnxkftztcwndaznzkyoq-_v1_
David Fincher is too good to direct this film. He has a very slick and stylish directing style that doesn’t really fit with the first film in the series. There’s a part of me that’s happy that he’s set to direct, because he might be able to blow some life into the series, and make a pretty good film. But then there’s this other part of me that thinks that the film’s bound to be bad, and that they just hired him for his name and not for the amazing things he could do.
A reason why I think that he might have signed on to direct this film is to get some publicity, so he’ll have enough money for a film he might want to do after this one, because the subject matter really doesn’t seem like something Fincher would normally choose. And it can also be that he just wants to experiment a bit with different genres, since he’s made mostly thrillers, whilst this is going to be a sci-fi thriller, a bit like Alien3. And knowing Fincher the screenplay has got to be somewhat decent, because I think that even if he would want publicity, he wouldn’t sign on to direct something that’s bound to fail from the beginning.
The thing that’s giving me hope though is that instead of five different people working on this film’s script, there now are only two writers working: Stephen Knight and Dennis Kelly, with Knight having done the draft, while Kelly did the rewrites, which sounds quite fair to me.  Knight has written some amazing pieces of dialogue, whilst Kelly too has created a very good show called Utopia, so maybe this script will be better than that of the first film.
I just think that David Fincher is wasted potential and that they should pick another, slightly lesser known director, instead of this A-class director.

That’s all that I have to say about this news article, what do you think about the fact that David Fincher is going to direct the sequel to World War Z? Comment down below!

Source: http://movieweb.com/world-war-z-2-david-fincher-director-production/



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