A Year in Review

1 year

65 posts and 90 followers later, a year has already passed since I uploaded my first post to this blog. That post, one about Nocturnal Animals, was the origin of my blog. After having seen Nocturnal Animals I felt inspired to write about how the film brilliantly utilized color. When I finished writing it, I realized that I had no place to post it. It wasn’t a review, so IMDb – a place where I’d normally share reviews – was a no-go. This left me with an article that I really wanted to share but had no place to do so. For a while, I had already been contemplating whether or not I should start a blog, but I’d never really had the motivation to do so. Then when I finished The Brilliance of Nocturnal Animals and was left with a post that I couldn’t share anywhere I felt a bit frustrated and impulsively decided to finally start one. This blog would be called Film4Fan, a dumb name I only picked because of the alliteration.
After publishing my first post, I quickly went on to write another one, this time one about a film that I deeply love and had seen a couple of months prior, where I analyzed one scene in particular. This was a scene out of Children of Men. After these two posts, a whole lot of posts would follow. In the beginning fairly chaotic, but as time progressed I slowly became more and more structured in my uploading schedule, post-structure and thumbnails.

On May 27th I published my personal favorite post. It was an article in the Brilliance of____ series. In this post, I analyzed Paterson and its use of black and white. This post would grow to be one of my most liked posts ever. It was only recently that a post had surpassed those 12 likes, namely Opinion: “All the Money in the World”, which now stands at 20 likes. The film itself would also grow on me and finally end up on the number three spot in my top five of 2016.
Only one post after this one would follow until I had to take a break for a while since exams started. Twenty-five days later I introduced a new category to this blog, which would be called An Ode to___. The first article of this series would be about my favorite screenwriter, namely Aaron Sorkin. A month after this post was published my first ___-week would start, in which Christopher Nolan would be the center of attention. Not so long after Nolan-week ended, I’d go on and also do one for Edgar Wright, who’d bring out Baby Driver in that week. Then as September came lurking around the corner, time started to slip through my fingers and I quickly couldn’t find the time to continue writing for this blog. I only was able to upload two articles in September, one of which was about me attending the premiere of Le Fidele, which was quite a fun experience. In October I failed to even publish one article. Due to this, I decided to create a new category, where I’d write short reviews of five films I’d seen in the past couple of weeks. The first post in this newly made category would go up on November fifth. More than a month passed before the next would follow, but when that one was uploaded, I finally found some more time to write new stuff. In the next month, I was able to upload weekly until the post you’re reading right now would go up. I’m not sure if I’m able to continue this way, but we’ll see.

Now a year has passed, I decided to reflect on my earlier articles. And man, are they bad. I’m aware of the fact that I’m far from a good writer, but I like to write and I just really like to share my opinion about movies or talk about them in general. If I look back at my older posts I wonder why I’d even decided to upload them. Take a look at (or rather don’t) my article about perspectives. It doesn’t even make any sense at times! It’s awfully written and incredibly incoherent. I don’t know what went through my head when I published it. I wasn’t even able to write an interesting post. Not that I’m able to do that at this point in time, but the things I put out now, are, I hope, written a slight amount better.
I didn’t really mind reading those awful articles since I believe that I’ve grown since then. Well, I’d like to think so. I’m still far from great, but I don’t think I’m still as bad as I was back then. I hope.

To end this post, I’d like to thank the people who stuck with me even through the terrible, terrible articles. Thank you to all the people who’ve read the things I wrote and were kind enough to leave a like. Thanks to the ones who’ve left a comment and thanks to the ones who thought some of my posts seemed interesting enough to click on. Thanks to the people who thought Hey, this is an interesting blog or Hey, this dumbass will follow me back, and pressed the follow button. It may feel like I’m exaggerating, but I honestly didn’t expect to gain any followers at all. I only used it as an outlet and as a distraction, but now it has turned into a place where I’ve met new people. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “A Year in Review

  1. I think those early posts are just part of growing as a writer, so don’t worry. It takes time for everyone to hone their craft. And you have the option to re-write, I’ve sometimes done so. I mainly use my blog as a diary for myself. If others want to be along for the ride then it’s fine.

    Nice to have discovered your blog and will take a look at couple of the favorite/popular links you shared here.

    Liked by 1 person

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