Opinion: “Berlin Syndrome” (2017)

Berlin Syndrome was one of the many films which premiered at Sundance that I wanted to see and now I’ve finally been able to do just that thing, and let me tell you this: it was worth the wait. In this independent, psychological, semi-horror film we meet Clare, a young and aspiring Australian journalist who … Continue reading Opinion: “Berlin Syndrome” (2017)

The Brilliance of “Paterson”

“The film that no one saw but is worth watching” That’s how I’ll describe Paterson to my friends from now on. This film’s an Amazon production that came out last year about a modest poet and bus driver played by Adam Driver. If you think back of an Amazon production that came out in 2016, … Continue reading The Brilliance of “Paterson”

Opinion: “The Raid” (2011)

The Raid is a simple story about a SWAT team that has been sent out to take down the infamous criminal Toma, who’s the owner of an apartment building filled with thugs. After the team has arrived and got into this tenement, they become trapped inside the building and escaping the building seems to be harder … Continue reading Opinion: “The Raid” (2011)

Why pacing is important to film

Pacing is a quite important aspect of film, but why is that so? To explain that, let’s first dive into the meaning of the word “pacing”. What does it mean? Pacing is, as the word suggest about the pace of the film will be. Fast paced movies will have quick rapid and fast cuts in … Continue reading Why pacing is important to film

Opinion: David Fincher directing “World War Z 2”

No no no no no. Please no. Please change your mind, David. So about a week or two ago they announced that David Fincher, the director who has a ton of amazing films under his belt, like Fight Club, Seven, Gone Girl… is going to direct the upcoming sequel to the mildly ok film that … Continue reading Opinion: David Fincher directing “World War Z 2”

Movie History! Charlie Chaplin

When writing the previous article in this series, I completely forgot to talk about one of the most famous directors and actors of all time, who I’ve mentioned numerous times in these articles before and who was also inspired to start making movies by George Méliès, just like D.W. Griffith. This man is obviously Charlie … Continue reading Movie History! Charlie Chaplin

Opinion: “Dunkirk” Trailer #2

Dunkirk is probably my most anticipated film of 2017, because it’s the first film of my favorite director in three years (!). All of Nolan’s films are brilliant, from the script, which he himself writes often together with his brother, to the directing, to the stellar acting. He hasn’t made a ton of movies, but … Continue reading Opinion: “Dunkirk” Trailer #2

The Brilliance of “Get Out”

SPOILERS FOR “GET OUT” Get Out is the directorial debut of screenwriter and comic Jordan Peele. I recently saw this film, and while it has some flaws, it certainly is brilliant in some ways, that’s why this film deserves to have an article in this category. But what’s that brilliant part I am talking about? … Continue reading The Brilliance of “Get Out”

Opinion: “The Ticket” (2017)

A man regains his vision, after being blind. With this new sense, he feels better of himself, and practically evolves into an asshole for the rest of the film; he leaves his wife for a collegue, buys an expensive car... The film was directed by Ido Fluk in a visually fine way, but in other ways … Continue reading Opinion: “The Ticket” (2017)

Why Color Grading is important to film (warm and cold colors)

Color grading is the finishing touch to your shots, the thing that makes them look gorgeous if you’ve used framing, shadow and focus in the right way. But why is it so important to film? WARM AND COLD COLORS The color grading is mostly used to create a certain atmosphere for the film or show. … Continue reading Why Color Grading is important to film (warm and cold colors)