“The Good Place” is quite brilliant and I can’t really figure out why.

SPOILERS FOR SEASON ONE OF THE GOOD PLACE We all know that empty feeling we have after having finished a show. It’s as if the show has left a hole inside of you. We then quickly move on to another show to re-fill that empty spot as soon as possible. Though you know that you’ll … Continue reading “The Good Place” is quite brilliant and I can’t really figure out why.


My Interpretation of “Phantom Thread” and its Colors

After having waited for months for Phantom Thread to come out, I was more than disappointed to find out that they only played it across the country. Then, a couple of weeks ago, a small independent theater not so far from where I live played it for one week only. After hearing this news, my excitement rose and I went to see the film as fast as I could. The visuals of the film really spoke to me, not only did they look gorgeous, but the usage of warm and cold light and colors stood out, which is what I will be discussing in this article.

My Interpretation of “Annihilation”

When a discussion emerged between the producers about the oddness of Annihilation and one of them was very eager to change things, in contrast to the unwillingness of the director, who wanted the film to stay as it was, my skepticism slightly rose. On the one hand, I trusted in Garland but on the other hand, the test audience gave mixed reviews and it being sent to Netflix as a result, didn’t really seem like a good sign either.

Three Reasons Why “Home” Is Brilliant

Home was one of the best Belgian films I’ve ever seen. If not the best Belgian film I’ve ever seen. Here are my reasons why, but first a short synopsis. Home follows a group of teenagers, some of which have already had a troubled past, going through their daily lives. The film shows us how … Continue reading Three Reasons Why “Home” Is Brilliant

The Brilliance of”The Room”

The Brilliance of The Room. Yeah. You read that right. The Room, not to be confused with 2015's  Room starring Brie Larson, has become a cult classic throughout the nearly two decennia it's been around, but it didn't receive that status for the reasons you'd want your film to be a cult classic. In 2003 Tommy Wiseau wanted … Continue reading The Brilliance of”The Room”

The Brilliance of “Baby Driver”

Baby Driver was one of my most anticipated films of 2017 since I am a very big fan Edgar Wright's previous work. He is a fantastic comedic director but from the trailers, for Baby Driver, I was already able to tell that this would be a more serious story, with also a more serious approach and … Continue reading The Brilliance of “Baby Driver”

The Brilliance of “It Comes at Night”

SPOILERS FOR “IT COMES AT NIGHT” “A wrongly marketed gem” It’s a sentence that perfectly describes the new creation of Trey Edward Shults, which is a film that the trailers made to look like it belonged in the horror genre, while it actually is a slow paced psychological thriller, which doesn’t tablespoon all the information. … Continue reading The Brilliance of “It Comes at Night”

The Brilliance of “Paterson”

“The film that no one saw but is worth watching” That’s how I’ll describe Paterson to my friends from now on. This film’s an Amazon production that came out last year about a modest poet and bus driver played by Adam Driver. If you think back of an Amazon production that came out in 2016, … Continue reading The Brilliance of “Paterson”

The Brilliance of “Get Out”

SPOILERS FOR “GET OUT” Get Out is the directorial debut of screenwriter and comic Jordan Peele. I recently saw this film, and while it has some flaws, it certainly is brilliant in some ways, that’s why this film deserves to have an article in this category. But what’s that brilliant part I am talking about? … Continue reading The Brilliance of “Get Out”

The Brilliance of “Manchester by the Sea”

SPOILERS FOR MANCHESTER BT THE SEA Manchester by the Sea has won one of the most deserved Oscars this year, for both the screenplay, but most of all for Casey Affleck’s performance as Lee Chandler. In that film, he plays a janitor, whose brother has passed away and now he gets to be the guardian … Continue reading The Brilliance of “Manchester by the Sea”