There are plenty of films to love, but I’ve selected a few of my favorites. These films are the ones that have stuck with me for quite some time and that are wonderfully crafted, both visually, but also script-wise. These films I find to be absolutely brilliant. Here they are:

Here are my favorite films of recent years:

Cinema is an art form that is designed to go across borders. And as a filmmaker, the only way I can direct a movie is when I feel close to my culture.” – Denis Villeneuve

16 thoughts on “My favorite films

  1. Very cool blog! We have very similar taste in movies, and interests in general it sounds like. I haven’t written any screenplays, short stories, or poetry, but I aspire to. I’ve come closer to writing poetry since recently watching “Paterson”, which I know you did a Brillance of… post about, which was very good btw. Good taste in music! I look forward to reading more of your blog over time.

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      1. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s been in my watchlist for quite some time, I think I’m going to order the DVD or Blu-ray in the near future as I’ve heard a lot of good things about it

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      2. Yes, I think it is an essential movie…

        I recently edited it to make a modern trailer for ‘Stalker’ as these old Soviet gems often had just horrible trailers.

        Would be great to know your opinion too.

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      3. Excellent trailer! Only makes me want to see the film more 🙂 the film looks very poetic and is shot beautifully. You’ve chosen an excellent piece of dialogue as a voiceover

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      4. Thanks! Yes, it kind of sums up one the movie’s themes (there are others), but the original dialogue had a different visual setting, I tried to combine it with something else that would match it.

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  2. You’ve got a good selection of favourites here. Shawshank Redemption I absolutely adore! Did not expect to love Arrival as much as I did: brilliant film that took a turn I really wasn’t expecting. Birdman was the cinematic equivalent of being at a beat poetry night I felt and it was a-mazing!
    Basically, this boils down to ‘you’ve got good taste’.

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    1. Haha, thanks! Denis Villeneuve is one of my favorite directors, so “Arrival” being good wasn’t really a surprise :). If you liked that one, I’d recommend watching “Prisoners” and “Sicario”! He’s also directed “Enemy” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, which is also extremely good, but it isn’t as straightforward as his other films (if you’re into arthouse, you should definitely watch it).
      “Birdman” was indeed exceptional, the music and directing alone were something special. It’s certainly Inaritu’s best film, though “Babel” is a close second.


  3. Very good choices! I’ve seen every movie except for All the President’s Men. Also your blog seems pretty awesome! I’ll have to look through it. I’m surprised we haven’t crossed paths yet. Since we both have a very similar taste in movies.

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