There are plenty of films to love, but I’ve selected a few of my favorites. These films are the ones that have stuck with me for quite some time and that are wonderfully crafted, both visually, but also script-wise. These films I find to be absolutely brilliant. Here they are:

Here are my favorite films of recent years:

Cinema is an art form that is designed to go across borders. And as a filmmaker, the only way I can direct a movie is when I feel close to my culture.” – Denis Villeneuve


12 thoughts on “My favorite films

  1. Very cool blog! We have very similar taste in movies, and interests in general it sounds like. I haven’t written any screenplays, short stories, or poetry, but I aspire to. I’ve come closer to writing poetry since recently watching “Paterson”, which I know you did a Brillance of… post about, which was very good btw. Good taste in music! I look forward to reading more of your blog over time.

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      1. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s been in my watchlist for quite some time, I think I’m going to order the DVD or Blu-ray in the near future as I’ve heard a lot of good things about it

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      2. Yes, I think it is an essential movie…

        I recently edited it to make a modern trailer for ‘Stalker’ as these old Soviet gems often had just horrible trailers.

        Would be great to know your opinion too.

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      3. Excellent trailer! Only makes me want to see the film more 🙂 the film looks very poetic and is shot beautifully. You’ve chosen an excellent piece of dialogue as a voiceover

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      4. Thanks! Yes, it kind of sums up one the movie’s themes (there are others), but the original dialogue had a different visual setting, I tried to combine it with something else that would match it.

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