Ranked: The Mission Impossible Franchise

Mission Impossible II, is it really the worst?

Here’s a Cool Shot | Mission Impossible

The first Mission Impossible is gorgeously directed, but it was this shot in particular that stood out the most to me. It makes use of De Palma’s trademark split diopter focus and it's composed in an interesting way, which is what I’ll talk about in the next few words.

An Ode to the Mission Impossible Franchise

Oddly enough, together with the Fast & Furious franchise, the Mission Impossible series has only gotten better as it went on. The second film is a bit of a dud, but the rest are all well-crafted films. Next to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Bourne and Mad Max, it stands pretty high on my favorite … Continue reading An Ode to the Mission Impossible Franchise

The Brilliance of “All the President’s Men”

"All the President's Men" has quickly grown to be one of my favorite films, because of a lot of reason. One of them is the attention to detail a lot of films forget about these days...