Top 5 Films of 2017

Yep, 2017, not 2018 Like I did last year, when I made a list for my favorite films of 2016 instead of 2017, this year I've compiled a list for 2017 instead of 2018. I do this because there are still plenty of films for me to check out that have come out in 2018. … Continue reading Top 5 Films of 2017

Shorties #7: “Annihilation”, “The Descent”, “Call Me By Your Name”, “Paradox” and “The Wrestler”

This article will have short reviews for the following films in this order: Annihilation, The Descent, Call Me By Your Name, Paradox, and The Wrestler. As you might know, I was really looking forward to seeing Annihilation, and now that I've seen it, I'm glad to say that I loved it. The cinematography was fantastic, … Continue reading Shorties #7: “Annihilation”, “The Descent”, “Call Me By Your Name”, “Paradox” and “The Wrestler”

Oscars 2018: Predictions

Due to the fact that I don’t live in America, not all of the nominated films have come out yet, Lady Bird, for example only comes out in May and if I’d wanted to watch Phantom Thread, I’d have to drive across the country. Therefore I’ll base my predictions on the films that I’ve seen … Continue reading Oscars 2018: Predictions