Sound in Film and “City Lights”

When we go to the cinema’s nowadays, we, as an audience, expect to hear the actors talk to one another. Guess what, one hundred years ago the audience didn’t. Back then, films were silent – who knew? Well, they weren’t really silent; there was always a live musical score playing with the film, there just … Continue reading Sound in Film and “City Lights”

Here’s a Cool Shot | The Poor Little Rich Girl

Mary Pickford was huge back in the silent era of filmmaking. She was one of the first true film stars and would go on to have an amazing career, in which she’d create a company together with Chaplin, Griffith and Douglas Fairbanks, though unfortunately her career would come to a halt when silent films disappeared … Continue reading Here’s a Cool Shot | The Poor Little Rich Girl

Movie History! Charlie Chaplin

When writing the previous article in this series, I completely forgot to talk about one of the most famous directors and actors of all time, who I’ve mentioned numerous times in these articles before and who was also inspired to start making movies by George Méliès, just like D.W. Griffith. This man is obviously Charlie … Continue reading Movie History! Charlie Chaplin

Movie History! Georges Méliès

Georges Méliès was one of the most influential directors in the history of film, but who was Georges Méliès? George Méliès was born on the eighth of December 1861 in Paris. In 1884 he decided to go to London, to improve his English a bit. In England, he ended up at the Egyptian Theater, which … Continue reading Movie History! Georges Méliès