Here’s a Cool Shot | The Poor Little Rich Girl

Mary Pickford was huge back in the silent era of filmmaking. She was one of the first true film stars and would go on to have an amazing career, in which she’d create a company together with Chaplin, Griffith and Douglas Fairbanks, though unfortunately her career would come to a halt when silent films disappeared … Continue reading Here’s a Cool Shot | The Poor Little Rich Girl

My Interpretation of “Phantom Thread” and its Colors

After having waited for months for Phantom Thread to come out, I was more than disappointed to find out that they only played it across the country. Then, a couple of weeks ago, a small independent theater not so far from where I live played it for one week only. After hearing this news, my excitement rose and I went to see the film as fast as I could. The visuals of the film really spoke to me, not only did they look gorgeous, but the usage of warm and cold light and colors stood out, which is what I will be discussing in this article.