Here’s a Cool Shot | Sorry for Your Loss

Who knew that something good would come out of Facebook Watch? Yep, you read that right, Facebook Watch. It is Facebook’s streaming service that since last year started to produce its own shows, like Sorry for Your Loss, starring Elizabeth Olsen, Kelly Marie Tran, and Jovan Adepo. In the series, we follow how Leigh (Olsen) … Continue reading Here’s a Cool Shot | Sorry for Your Loss

My Interpretation of “Annihilation”

When a discussion emerged between the producers about the oddness of Annihilation and one of them was very eager to change things, in contrast to the unwillingness of the director, who wanted the film to stay as it was, my skepticism slightly rose. On the one hand, I trusted in Garland but on the other hand, the test audience gave mixed reviews and it being sent to Netflix as a result, didn’t really seem like a good sign either.