Opinion: “Apostle” (2018)

Here's another animated review, this time it's for Netflix's Apostle. It's decent. The review is a bit longer than my previous one, but then again, this one has around double the number of frames. Here's the review: And that's it. And since I didn't get any feedback last time let me try again 🙂 What did … Continue reading Opinion: “Apostle” (2018)

Here’s a Cool Shot | Mission Impossible

The first Mission Impossible is gorgeously directed, but it was this shot in particular that stood out the most to me. It makes use of De Palma’s trademark split diopter focus and it's composed in an interesting way, which is what I’ll talk about in the next few words.

Here’s a Cool Shot | The Spectacular Now

Here’s a Cool Shot is something new I’d like to introduce to my blog, where I present you a, you guessed it, cool shot. It’s something I’d like to do fairly often so that I’m able to upload twice a week. These posts will have a short explanation (this one ended up waaay longer than … Continue reading Here’s a Cool Shot | The Spectacular Now

Opinion: “A Quiet Place” (2018)

2018 has been far from stellar; Paradox was terrible, Mute was boring and Black Panther failed to amaze me, just to give you a few examples. I’ve only seen a handful of really good movies this year like Game Night and Annihilation, but now I’m happy to say that I can add another one to … Continue reading Opinion: “A Quiet Place” (2018)

Opinion: Trainspotting 2

T2: Trainspotting or simply Trainspotting 2¸ is the sequel to the 1996 critically acclaimed drug-drama Trainspotting, in which Mark Renton, played by Ewan McGregor, goes back to Scotland to revisit his old friends. Not only Renton went back, so did Danny Boyle go back to his directing chair. Boyle’s directing was also the height if … Continue reading Opinion: Trainspotting 2

Why camera movements are important to film

Movies are filled with them, most of the time just following our characters around sets, locations etc. These movements may seem to have no meaning behind them at first, but the camera itself can speak, figuratively, of course. They can show emotion, or even bring up the tension, which is what I'm going to talk … Continue reading Why camera movements are important to film

The Brilliance of “Children of Men”

SPOILERS FOR CHILDREN OF MEN "Children of Men" directed by Alfonso Cuarón, starring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore, is set in a not-so-distant future in which women have become infertile. In this dystopian world, Clive Owen's character is asked by his old-lover to help transport a girl, who's miraculously become pregnant. Every aspect of Children of … Continue reading The Brilliance of “Children of Men”