Shorties #22: Documentary Edition

I don't watch a lot of documentaries. I don't know why, but I'd rather watch a feature film than a documentary, though, for the past holiday, I decided to watch at least a few of them. Turns out they're quite fun. Here are a couple of the documentaries that I saw during my time off. … Continue reading Shorties #22: Documentary Edition

Shorties #14: “The Wolfpack”, “Blockers”, “Una”, “Set it Up”, and “Compliance”

This article will have short reviews of the following films: The Wolfpack, Blockers, Una, Set it Up, and Compliance. While incredibly interesting, The Wolfpack didn't have a whole lot to say. I didn't get the sense of coherency or any structure whatsoever. It felt more like the director had a bunch of scenes in front of her and jumbled them together … Continue reading Shorties #14: “The Wolfpack”, “Blockers”, “Una”, “Set it Up”, and “Compliance”