Opinion: “Bright” (2017)

In Bright, we meet a likeable agent played by Will Smith, whose partner is an orc, played by Joel Edgerton. After a night patrol gone wrong, they end up with an elf, a magic wand and a bunch of mythical creators chasing them for that wand. The film has an interesting premise and it also … Continue reading Opinion: “Bright” (2017)

The Brilliance of “It Comes at Night”

SPOILERS FOR “IT COMES AT NIGHT” “A wrongly marketed gem” It’s a sentence that perfectly describes the new creation of Trey Edward Shults, which is a film that the trailers made to look like it belonged in the horror genre, while it actually is a slow paced psychological thriller, which doesn’t tablespoon all the information. … Continue reading The Brilliance of “It Comes at Night”

Why characters are important to film

This seems like something obvious, doesn't it? Well, turns out a lot of screenwriters don't entirely get their importance. There are plenty of films who have good characters, but they are outweighed by the ones who don’t. With characters, I don’t mean the amount of them there are. I’m talking about the character of the … Continue reading Why characters are important to film