The Brilliance of”The Room”

The Brilliance of The Room. Yeah. You read that right. The Room, not to be confused with 2015's  Room starring Brie Larson, has become a cult classic throughout the nearly two decennia it's been around, but it didn't receive that status for the reasons you'd want your film to be a cult classic. In 2003 Tommy Wiseau wanted … Continue reading The Brilliance of”The Room”

Ranked: Edgar Wright’s films

How can you rank movies, when you love every single one equally as much? It's like picking your favorite child, well not that I'd know since I don't have any children and am not planning on having any in the near future, but it's what I'd imagine it would be like. So here's my attempt … Continue reading Ranked: Edgar Wright’s films

The Badness of “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”

When I pressed the play button I wasn't exactly filled with high expectations, yet this film managed to surprise me, just not in the right way. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is about three scouts who get stuck into a zombie apocalypse, sounds like a fun idea for a movie, does it? Well if … Continue reading The Badness of “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”