Opinion: Mel Gibson Rumored to Direct “Suicide Squad 2”

Mel Gibson is rumored to direct the sequel to the not-so-well-received film Suicide Squad. There were two sides on that film: those who hated it, and those who loved it. I must admit that I’m in the first group. The film had a lot of flaws from the editing, to the visuals, to the story, … Continue reading Opinion: Mel Gibson Rumored to Direct “Suicide Squad 2”


Opinion: Blood Father

Blood Father was directed by the Frenchman  Jean-François Richet and stars Mel Gibson as our protagonist and Erin Moriarty as his daughter who's being hunted by some drug dealers.   This film was to my amazement pretty good. The story is straightforward and not overly complex like the normal B-action flick that comes out in the summer. But … Continue reading Opinion: Blood Father