Nosferatu, Expressionism, and Romanticism

One of the most well-known films of the silent era is Nosferatu, a German horror flick that took its inspiration from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. And with “took its inspiration from” I mean “copied, changed out the names, and ending of”.  It’s widely believed that Nosferatu is an expressionistic film, though while we were watching it … Continue reading Nosferatu, Expressionism, and Romanticism

Here’s a Cool Shot | 12 Angry Men

Recently I watched 12 Angry Men, and I really loved it. It’s a brilliantly written, directed, and acted film, filled with interesting camera movements where the director would suddenly switch the subject it was following, to symbolize the sudden change of stance the characters could go through. It’s a finely crafted film all-around, with gorgeous … Continue reading Here’s a Cool Shot | 12 Angry Men