Opinion: The Dark Tower Trailer #1

SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK SERIES I am late to the party… again. But this time I have an excuse: I was reading. When The Dark Tower trailer dropped a few weeks ago, I was still reading the book series the movie will be based upon, written by Stephen King. Since I didn’t want any spoilers … Continue reading Opinion: The Dark Tower Trailer #1

Opinion: “Dunkirk” Trailer #2

Dunkirk is probably my most anticipated film of 2017, because it’s the first film of my favorite director in three years (!). All of Nolan’s films are brilliant, from the script, which he himself writes often together with his brother, to the directing, to the stellar acting. He hasn’t made a ton of movies, but … Continue reading Opinion: “Dunkirk” Trailer #2

Opinion: trailer “Baby Driver”

I’ve been a fan of Edgar Wright’s films, so naturally I was pretty excited for this film to drop its trailer, which it recently did. The trailer of Baby Driver is edited quite well. I like that they show us what the story will be like in rough lines and that they also show the … Continue reading Opinion: trailer “Baby Driver”