On this blog you can read several different kinds of articles. Here are the ones that you can currently read:

  • The Brilliance of____ In this category I discuss a couple of things why a movie is brilliant and what the movie makes stand out more than other movies. I’ll talk about a certain scene, technique, choice the director made… To enforce my arguments.
  • Why _____ is important to film Here I talk about certain aspects of film that really make the film. Things that might go unnoticed by the average viewer, but that do in fact have an impact on the film. Mostly sum up a couple of reasons, accompanied with examples from films in which they did it right, or horribly wrong.
  • Movie History! The title itself already says what it’s about: movie history. I try to tell you the basic history of film, its early directors and the evolution of it. As the articles progress, I’ll also move on further in time. For example: my first article in this series is about the origin of film, the second will be about Georges Méliès and so on and forth.
  • Oscars I won’t post articles in this category very often, because the ceremony is only once a year, but the ones I’ll post are my predictions of the winners of that year.
  • Opinion Here I express my opinion about a certain subject. This can vary between articles and movies etc.
  • The Badness of____  this categorie is the oposite of The Brilliance of ___ and here  I’ll talk a bit about a film that I disliked and I’ll focus on the main problem of that film.

Those are my current categories. There will be more eventually and then this page will also be updated. If you have any idea for me to write about, or want me to write about, please leave a comment and I’ll take it in account!

“Quotes are for dumb people who can’t come up with something intelligent for them to say on their own” – Bo Burnham


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