Opinion: “The LEGO Batman Movie”

The Lego Batman Movie is the colorful film about the titular character, who’s struggling with emotional problems, while The Joker desperately wants him to hate him.

Right off the bat (badum tss), I’ll say that this is a visually stunning film. Each shot was incredibly well-lit and framed, with a heavy, but beautiful amount of color creating frame by frame gorgeous looking shots.  The character design was spot on, with a ton of detail. You could see specks of dust on the figures and also some fingerprints, which gave it all a more realistic feel. It really looked like it was done by stop motion rather than computer generated animation, most of the time that’d be an insult, but here it’s a compliment since they were going for that look. They wanted it to look stiff at times, to bring some personality to the film. They wanted you to believe they animated the real toys and they succeeded at that.

Will Arnett (Batman) and Ralph Fiennes (Alfred) in “The LEGO Batman Movie” – 2017

The voice acting too was phenomenal. I really bought Will Arnett’s interpretation of Batman, but I do have some problems with the character of Batman. He just felt too childish at times, which I can see as a form of humor and as something more appealing for the younger audience, but it didn’t land for me. Not to say that his character was bad, it’s just that he at times just changed to a complete child. They in fact had an original version of Batman, who’s struggling with emotional problems and that he doesn’t really find a place where he feels at home. They explore that aspect well enough and it brought some depth to a character that we’ve already seen a lot on the big screen. Zach Galifianakis as The Joker was really good and he gave his own twist to him.  The Joker was totally different as the other interpretations of the character and I liked this version a lot. It brought an interesting dynamic to the relationship between The Joker and Batman and it was done in ways we’ve never seen before. Michael Cera too was great. His voice fitted perfectly with the character of Robin. It’s a bit dorky and… Well, you know Michael Cera’s voice and what it’s known for. He was the perfect fit and generated some hilarious moments. There’s no one else that I would’ve picked.

Will Arnett (Batman) and Michael Cera (Robin) in “The LEGO Batman Movie”

The humor was really good. They had a lot of jokes to the previous Batman films, which I loved. They were inventive and I liked that they were able to laugh at themselves and see the humor in their movies. But this also brought a dumb joke to the table, well a combination of jokes. mv5bmtcynteyoty0m15bml5banbnxkftztgwotaynzu3mdi-_v1_sy1000_cr006741000_al_Near the end of the film Batman asks if they have access to the suicide squad, but just the next minute he makes fun of the idea of having a group of bad guys fight for the good, which is quite contradictory. Some of the jokes were aimed more at the younger audience and those jokes didn’t land, but the majority of jokes did land and were really funny.  I also liked that there were references for fans to spot, not only from the Batman films but also from other films.
The pacing too was really good.  This is a fast paced film with one joke after another, which a lot of critics didn’t like, but I very much enjoyed.  It’s fast and fun and that’s all it really had to be.

In the end, this was a very entertaining film, with very good animation and vocal work. The pacing too was good and a lot of the jokes were funny, that’s why this film gets a B+.

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