Opinion: trailer “Baby Driver”

mv5bntnmnzgzmzetyjexms00yta0lwe0nmqty2rjm2y2zmqxztdhxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyntq0otixnzi-_v1_I’ve been a fan of Edgar Wright’s films, so naturally I was pretty excited for this film to drop its trailer, which it recently did.

The trailer of Baby Driver is edited quite well. I like that they show us what the story will be like in rough lines and that they also show the kind of humor (like the Michael Meyers scene) you can find in the film. The film does have a more serious tone than the other films of Wright, but this currently doesn’t seem a problem to me. I also like that they edited the trailer in a manner that the characters were completing the song, which played over the trailer, by saying Baby. The name of the main character will also be probably used as joke throughout the film. Visually the film looks quite good and if I can expect similar songs to the one played in the trailer I think that the soundtrack will be good as well. I think that the soundtrack will play quite a big role in the film, because Baby is continuously listens to music. But that also brings me to a thing that I didn’t really like of the trailer, and that is that they already explain why Baby continuously listen to music. I was hoping that this would’ve been kept away until the final film. It’s not that it spoils something, but it’s a tiny piece of character development that I would’ve like to find out of in the full film, and not just in a two minute trailer.
The first minute of the trailer were really good interweaving aspects of action with a normal conversation, accompanied with a good soundtrack and already showing Edgar Wright’s directing style. There’s also a very cool looking and awesome shot at around two minutes into the trailer, which gives us a bit of a taste to how the action will be. Again, I think this too will be handled more seriously than in for example Shaun of the Dead or Hott Fuzz, but I still think that Edgar Wright will do it good.

In the end I really liked this trailer. I think that this movie will have a more serious tone than the other Edgar Wright movies, but I also think that there will be plenty of jokes. Edgar Wright has proven multiple times that he can direct a good movie, which also makes me think that this will be a good one. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film in theaters.

What did you think of the trailer? Did you like it and what do you think of Edgar Wright’s previous work? Comment down below!

Here’s the link to the trailer:

Note: I won’t be uploading articles as often as I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks, it’s quite a busy period.

Images via IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3890160/?ref_=tt_mv_close


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