Opinion: “Apostle” (2018)

Here’s another animated review, this time it’s for Netflix’s Apostle. It’s decent. The review is a bit longer than my previous one, but then again, this one has around double the number of frames. Here’s the review:


And that’s it. And since I didn’t get any feedback last time let me try again 🙂 What did you think about it? What did you like, what didn’t you like, and what do you think I can improve on? Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Opinion: “Apostle” (2018)

    1. Thanks a lot! I really like making them (there’s nothing more satisfying than animating a piece of text flying in and looking at the result :)), so there’ll probably be more in the future! I’m not sure how often I’ll post them, though, because they take a while to make.

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