Compare: Movie Trailers Back Then and Now

Movie trailers have changed drastically throughout the years, even now they’re still evolving, but where did they really start? BACK THEN As written in my article about George Méliès, he was the first one to introduce a teasing method of the film that was being played in the movie theater. He projected pictures of the … Continue reading Compare: Movie Trailers Back Then and Now

Ranked: Christopher Nolan’s Films

People often place Insomnia at the utter end of their Christopher Nolan films, but is that really where the film belongs? Christopher Nolan has produced ten films in the last two decades of which none have been bad or mediocre. All have been great in their own ways, so the film that’ll be ranked last, … Continue reading Ranked: Christopher Nolan’s Films

An Ode to Christopher Nolan

After having written an article about my favorite screenwriter of all time, I thought that it was evident that I’d write one about my favorite movie director of all time: Christopher Nolan. I fell in love with Christopher Nolan after having seen his 2010 epic called Inception. I was amazed by the story, the visuals, … Continue reading An Ode to Christopher Nolan

Compare: Movie Posters Back Then and Now

Movie posters were there to persuade you into seeing a certain film, but nowadays they just seem to view them as an obligation, which is a real shame, because movie posters often can be seen as art. POSTERS BACK THEN Posters were there from the beginning of film. They were simple and were just there to … Continue reading Compare: Movie Posters Back Then and Now